Friday, February 1, 2013

MIGRATING MURAL: Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep

The Migrating Mural is a series of murals painted along migration corridors shared by both people and endangered animals. By bringing rare and magnificent animals to the forefront, we can create the kind of lasting connection that will help protect these important species forever.

The first Migrating Mural focuses on the Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep. The year-long project entails  a series of four murals showcasing the life of Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep painted along a 150-mile stretch of California’s Highway 395, which runs in the shadow of the Eastern Sierra. A distinct bighorn sub-species, the Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep is one of the rarest megafauna in the US. Having once roamed California’s Eastern Sierra range, the sheep’s population dropped to just 100 in the 1990s.  Today they are recovering slowly, with about 500 in the wild. Because the Sierra bighorn are elusive and live in harsh and inaccessible habitat, most people have never seen this majestic animal.
Thanks to Kickstarter, the very first mural site in Independence, CA at the Mt. Williamson Motel was funded and an idea was turned into a reality. Funding for three more sites is needed to complete the entire Migrating Mural: Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep and ART.COM is helping us achieve our goals by selling limited edition prints of images taken from the first mural. A portion of the proceeds goes to the Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep Foundation, INK-DWELL's fiscal receiver for The Migrating Mural.