Friday, April 30, 2010



Kirk is one of two males in a class of 15 students. It's either lucky him or really feel sorry for this guy. It all depends on the day. Paleontology is Kirk's main focus as a science illustrator and he is incredibly talented at what he does. He has so many fascinating ideas and I am always amazed by how much art history and general history knowledge he has. Kirk is also a true southern gentleman and I always appreciate a fellow cat lover.


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  1. Hey, I'm a childhood friend of Kirk Gao's, and I've been trying to find and contact him. Tell him Tim Wright is looking for him. We used to draw together all the time, and we created an action hero once named Hiyotakirushumainokurokitashikironu. Yes, that was his actual name, and yes, we memorized it (or at least I and our mutual artist friend Perritt did). Could you arrange for us to talk or something? Tell him to finally check his Facebook and add that request I sent him a year ago that's still pending. Or I'll give you my number. Thanks much, my friend.