Wednesday, June 30, 2010



Branden is the other male in the program. Yay! Branden's background is in anthropology and much of the work he created during the year reflected this passion. He does wonderful, stylized historic figures with great attention to their wardrobe. Below is a beautifully rendered metate in stipple. He shows us both the top and side view of it. I am very impressed by the elegance of the drawing. It is really challenging to render stone and smooth surfaces in stipple.


Eva's energy is contagious. She is lively and funny and makes the whole class laugh. I really appreciate her spirit and of course, her talent. Her illustrations are always unique and fun. She can always provide a different angle of perspective. Below is a wonderful illustration of parasites found in and on a common house cat. I think it is a charming illustration and captures both the tenderness of sleeping with your cat and the eeriness of unfriendly parasites that lurk around. You can see more of her work at

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