Thursday, April 14, 2011


The older I get, the more and more I realize how important it is to give back to the planet that has selflessly provided beauty, inspiration, resources, vitality and evolution. What blows my mind are two girls who not only recognized this at an astoundingly young age, but had the ambition to create change as well.

Olivia Bouler's heart reached out in empathy for the birds effected by the BP oil disaster. Her mission was clear. Olivia decided to celebrate shorebirds through art. All the money she earned in sales, she donated to the Audubon Society -- nearly $200,000.

I had the opportunity to meet Olivia at Cornell when she visited two weekends ago. What a poised, elegant, well-spoken young lady at the age of 11!

She has a new book out showcasing a collection of her paintings. Go check it out!

Sophi Bromenshenkel's love of sharks began at the age of 4 on her uncle's fishing boat. They caught a shark and her world changed. Now she wants to change the world for sharks. She has been devoted to raising money for leading shark researcher, Neil Hammerschlag of the University of Miami. Sophi was able to raise $4000 through lemonade and shark cookies! You can always touch people's hearts with cookies and lemonade.

I found a wonderful drawing on her blog of a hammerhead. I am, of course, unbiased about art. :)

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