Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Our first acrylic assignment complete! Woo hoo!

 Much like an assignment from first term, we picked an artist using an opaque medium such as oils or acrylics from which to copy a small passage. I chose to copy wild life painter, John Banovich. The painting is called After the Rain and it is 15 x 22 inches. Sorry I don't have an image of the whole painting.



Part II of the assignment was to create a spot illustration of our choice. I love sea urchins and I own 4 different types of urchin skeletons (also called a "test"). Not to mention, it fits perfectly with my newly realized theme of edible specimens. :)


I used to think that acrylics were a pain in the butt because the paint dried so quickly on the palette. Thanks to the program, I was introduced to a special palette called Sta-Wet and it keeps the acrylics wet for a really long time. I'm a huge fan and recommend them to everyone out there using acrylics. Before that, I was using a damp paper towel to put my paints on and covering them when I was done painting. It works just fine, but the paints in the Sta-Wet stay wet much much longer. Awesome.

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