Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Otter pups are no exception. The Monterey Bay Aquarium has a new sea otter pup named Kit. She is being taken care of by her surrogate mother, Maggie. At least I think it's Maggie. They have 2 otters--one named Maggie and the other named Mae. So it's one of them that's taken on the roll of mom.

Kit was so fun to watch. She is incredible energetic as she darts back and forth in the water. It's really cute because she is super awkward on land and has a hard time moving about. At one point, the mom grabbed Kit and started rolling around with her under the water and when they surfaced, she threw her on her belly. Soooo fun to watch. If you can make it to the Aquarium, I really recommend it. You won't be disappointed.

Speaking of the Aquarium, they have some fun things coming up. There's the Hot Pink Flamingos exhibit that opens March 29th. Also, look for BLUE Ocean Film Festival in August. I hope to be able to attend, but I may not be in town.

Here's some other fun pics from my last visit to the Aquarium.

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