Saturday, March 20, 2010


Yes! We got through another semester. Another incredibly challenging semester, might I add. I thought last semester was rigorous, but in comparison to this semester, it felt like cereal for dinner. This 8 week period flew by more like it was 4 weeks and I admittedly developed some bad habits of eating packaged noodles for dinner and snacking on several cookies a day. Anyone who knows me knows what a cookie monster I am and with time becoming my most precious commodity, the cookie monster in me was unleashed with full force. We have until March 29th to recover and then we jump right into Zoological Illustration, Botanical Illustration, Applied Techniques in Color (continuation from last semester), and Interactivity Information Graphics. I can't wait for these next classes. Plants and animals??? Definitely!

Below are pics of my final projects:


"Caribbean" is always one of those words that looks like it's spelled incorrectly to me. I think it's the double "b." It throws me off every time. This piece was our Color Final.


Trompe l'oeil means to fool the eye in French. I chose cartography as my subject. I wanted to keep it very simple and really showcase each object.


Our last final was to design and illustrate an already published article. How fortunate for me that my boyfriend is a journalist. I chose an article he did about his experience with surfer's ear.

So there you have it. Another peek into a semester of my life. I do have somewhat of a life outside of school and will catch everyone up with many long overdue entries. I will be posting them over the course of the week now that I have some time to relax. Have a great weekend!


  1. this trompe l'oeil is amazing. i have to talk to you about trompe l'oeil. i am catching up on your year.

    my goodness, it is beautiful. am so proud of you


  2. oh, and i love your illustration of that guy we both know's article. SO HAPPY you did not choose the tropical-disease-ridden skull.